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What are Tactile Indicators (TGSIs)?

Tactiles are designed to ensure Australians who are blind or vision impaired can safety and confidently navigate our cities by providing physical clues on the ground. Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSI) provide both hazard (warning) and directional tactiles, the use and installation of TGSI in Australia and New Zealand is governed by AS/NZ1428 – Design for access and mobility.

1428 defines a variety of criteria including the luminance contrast to the surface, size and shape, tactile layout and the minimum distance between the tactiles and any potential danger. The width of stair nosings is also covered.

Safety & Civil Supply Co. offers one of the largest ranges of standards compliant tactile ground surface indicators in Australia, with a product suitable for every substrate. Our range of tactiles includes individual plastic and 316 SS studs, integrated self adhesive polyurethane and rubber matting in both formats. All TGSI and stair nosing products must also meet AS 4586 - which sets minimum requirements for slip resistance.

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