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Safety & Civil Installations

We have an Australia-wide team of experienced & skilled civil service workers offering prompt and quality service for both supply and installation.

Our team have extensive experience installing tactile indicators, car park and traffic safety management, civil furnishing and much more.

All of our products are supplied and installed in accordance with Australian Standards.

About Johnny On The Spot

Safety & Civil has partnered with Johnny On The Spot to provide a premium civil safety service.

We have highly skilled teams based in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia that have extensive experience in the installation of various civil applications.

Our team will arrive with everything required to complete the job from start to finish. Feel free to get in touch with us to speak to one of our sales reps, we can advise of the correct product and installation requirements to ensure that your installation is carried out in accordance with Australian Standards.

If you have the details of the installation you can go ahead and submit a request for quote using the form on this page.

Compliance In Three Easy Steps

Step #1 - Consultation

You’re welcome to speak to one of our staff members to get clarification on any queries you might have.

Our staff are experienced in providing advice based on Australian Standards and product suitability.

We can also assist with advising where or if civil products are required according to site plans.

Step #2 - Quotation

Once the product requirements have been determined, we can send you a simple quote with a breakdown of costs and an online payment link.

At this point we can help work out a suitable time for the installation to take place.

Step #3 - Installation

If required our team will get the paperwork arranged to be allowed to go on site.

Installation will be carried out in a swift and professional manner. On completion of installation you will be provided with an installation warranty.

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Our Services

See below for some examples of our work.

Tactile Indicators

Stair Nosing

Wheel Stops

Bike Racks

Civil Furnishings

Entry Mats

Safety Signs

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