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Slip Resistance Standards & AS4586:2013

The National Construction Codes (NCC) defines the mandatory anti slip requirements for new buildings in Australia. From May 1 2015, this includes mandatory slip resistance requirements for residential stairs. AS4586:2013 defines the testing methodology used to classify the slip resistance of surfaces intended for pedestrian traffic. AS4586 provides four classification methods, the Wet-Pendulum test is most appropriate for stair treads and ramps and is the classification (P0-P5) defined in the NCC.

Slippery surfaces and the fall which is an inevitable result – are one of the prime causes of injuries in Australian homes and workplaces. Safety & Civil offer a range of products which increase safety by providing a higher level of slip resistance on stairs and flooring surfaces. The range includes anti slip tapes, stair nosing and surface treatments, all designed for ease of installation, and where appropriate, tested to AS4586:2013.

Slip Resistance Product Categories

Anti Slip Tape

Architectural Stair Edging

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